Online donations

Dear Studenac customers,

We invite you to support the Croatian Red Cross with your donations, which will help promote and achieve humanitarian goals and general benefits programs.

You can support the work of this humanitarian association with an online donation on the Studenac website. Some of the main goals of collecting material goods are to encourage and improve solidarity, mutual assistance and social security for citizens.

With each donation, you support humane and impartial assistance to members of society in need. Let's help the Red Cross and together build better living conditions for every member of our community!

  • The purpose of raising funds for the Red Cross is the "Sve za 5!" programme, which ensures the procurement and distribution of hygiene packages for children in need.
  • The purpose of this program is to develop an awareness of the importance of personal hygiene and the adoption of healthy living, the necessity of which is especially emphasized during the pandemic.
  • If you want to help with the purchase of hygiene bags for children living in poverty, you can easily make a payment through the Studenac website.
Set for 5

Cash donations can be made in two ways; by card payments or mobile banking payments.

Card Payment

For card payments, enter the desired donation amount and select "Payment", which will direct you to the secure payment system.

Mobile banking payment

For mobile banking payments, in your m-banking app, select the option of payment by scanning and scan the bar code shown below. By scanning the code, all payment information is automatically filled in for the new order and you can add the amount you wish to donate.

You can donate money using the following credit cards:
Secure credit card payments

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We would like to thank Monri Payments d.o.o. for the free service of accepting and processing transactions, which helped in the realization of donations for the Red Cross..

Studenac, a confirmed friend of its customers!