History of Studenac

Company history

Studenac was established as a small family business in 1973, and expanded to retail in the late 1990s by opening a wholesale warehouse in Duće, as well as several stores in and around Omiš.

Thanks to its continuous growth and development, Studenac is now the main retail chain on the Adriatic coast and holds second place for the number of stores in Croatia.

It is owned by the Polish investment fund Enterprise Investors, and with the new acquisition of Istrian supermarkets, Studenac is expanding its business into Istria.

Studenac currently has stores at 598 locations. The company currently employs 3,046 full-time employees.

Why Studenac?

The Studenac retail chain aims to be close to its customers.

Our development is based on several determinants:

  • accessibility - smaller stores located in neighbourhoods and smaller towns in order to be close to the customers
  • a wide range of products that is further adapted to the micro-location of the store and the wishes of customers
  • affordable prices alongside which we always prepare various deals
  • shopping experience - we want to provide customers with high-quality service, and comfortable and clean stores

Studenac, a confirmed friend of its customers!