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Supplier Code of Conduct

Rules of business conduct for suppliers


Code of conduct for suppliers of the Studenac d.o.o. (“The Company”) defines the basic requirements and guidance on what is expected of suppliers with whom the Company enter business relations. By applying the highest standards of business ethics, the Company wants to cultivate and build strong relationships with suppliers and other business partners and strengthen their trust and respect. Therefore, we want to ensure that those people and companies with whom we deal live up to our values and standards and share that responsibility.

It is the supplier's responsibility to comply with, and follow the guidelines set out in this Code. Therefore, the suppliers with whom the Company enters business relations are expected to:

Respect human rights, non-discrimination, and fair labour practices

Suppliers must respect human rights and human dignity. Violation of human rights in any form is unacceptable. Suppliers must provide equal and fair treatment to all their employees and prevent any discrimination based on gender, race, religion, age, political affiliation, nationality, language, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or any other category, in accordance with the Labour Law and the Law on suppression of discrimination.

The obligation is to comply with all applicable legal provisions on wages and working hours of employees and to respect work in a safe, healthy, and humane environment. It is unacceptable to encourage child or forced labour.

Comply with legal norms and regulations

The Company expects suppliers to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, especially the Law on the protection of market competition, the Trade law, and the Law on the prohibition of unfair trade practices in the food supply chain, the provisions listed in this Code, and to respect industry standards. Suppliers must act in accordance with anti-corruption laws as well as laws that prevent money laundering and all other relevant legal regulations.

To ensure that suppliers with whom we enter business relations are aware of the provisions on the need for compliance of our business, these provisions represent the mandatory content of our contract form.

Not participate or support bribery and corruption

It is prohibited to give or receive bribe to obtain business opportunities or other advantages. Suppliers are required to operate without any form of corruption or fraud. It is unacceptable that a suppliers promise or give anything of value to an employee of the Company to secure an unfair advantage or unfair influence on any decision or to gain any advantage.

The Company will not tolerate any form corruption and bribery, directly or indirectly and wants to create and maintain a culture throughout the value chain that reflects zero tolerance to bribery and corruption.

Detailed guidelines for prevention of bribery and corruption can be found in "Anti-bribery and corruption policy" on company’s website.

Careful management of gifts and hospitality

Although, giving it or receiving is not prohibited under Company rules, the Company does not support giving or receiving gifts and hospitality that could improperly influence business relationship. Therefore, in cases of exchanging gifts and hospitality be sure that you respect following criteria: gift should be of reasonable, nominal value (in the amount of up to EUR 50), it is not frequent (in one calendar year the total value of gifts should not exceed the amount of EUR 150), it is given for a legitimate business reason, and it does not intend to improperly influence business relationship.

Not participate or support money laundering or terrorism financing

Suppliers must not directly or indirectly facilitate money laundering, i.e., conceal the source of illegal funds through legal operations or participate in the financing of terrorism.

Detailed guidelines for prevention of money laundering can be found in "Prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism policy" on company’s website.

Avoid conflicts of interest

A conflict of interest occurs when personal relationships, participation in outside activities or interests in another business influence or is perceived to influence the illegal decision-making.

Suppliers should avoid conflicts of interest which may affect business relationships. If conflicts of interest occur, supplier must disclose any personal, financial, or other interest that connects them with an employee of the Company that could in any way affect their relationship or otherwise lead to a conflict of interest.

Respect data privacy

Respecting data privacy, including personal data as well as any other information that is of confidential nature is considered one of the key foundations of a reliable business relationship and of high importance to the Company.

Suppliers must process personal data fairly and legally, with confidentially and responsibility, respect everyone’s privacy and ensure that personal data is effectively protected and used only for legitimate purposes considering the conditions prescribed by the Law on the implementation of the general regulation on personal data protection.

Safeguard confidential information

Confidential information is all information in any form, tangible or intangible, that has been disclosed or may be disclosed during business relationship, in writing, verbally or by observation, that is not public, or is a trade secret or confidential by its nature.

Suppliers undertake to protect personal data and confidential information of the Company to which they have access, acting in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and all applicable non-disclosure agreements. It is the duty to keep data confidential. The same obligation to protect confidential data exists even after the termination of the business relationship.

Rights and obligations of suppliers in terms of ethics and compliance

Suppliers are expected to:

  • be thoroughly familiarised with the provisions of this Code and act in accordance,
  • understand the Code and, if they do not understand any part, ask the Company’s Compliance officer by e mail address:,
  • report any non-compliance, incidents, and unethical behaviour to the Company’s Compliance officer.

Report of non-compliance, incidents, and unethical behaviour

If any of the above listed provisions is violated, or supplier wants to report non-compliance, incidents or unethical behaviour, report can be submitted to the Compliance officer appointed by the Company by email address: or through the application mechanism that can be found on the Company's website.

The Company will refer its suppliers to this Code, which is available on the Company's website. More detailed information on ethical business behaviour and business compliance, suppliers can find on Company's website in Code of conduct, ABC Policy, and AML Policy.

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